02 January, 2011

16 Yoginis in Tantra

Shodash means sixteen in Sanskrit. Yoginies are demi-goddesses for whom
everything is possible. They possess extremely advanced knowledge of tantra
which they grant to their worshiper. Here is a brief description of the sixteen
powerful Yoginies:
1. Divyayoga
Helps in learning divine yoga, which is otherwise impossible to learn, and may
grant the power to fly.
2. Mahayoga
Blesses her worshiper with fame and wealth. Helps her worshiper to become world
famous and very popular.
3. Siddhayoga
Her worshiper gets success in all rituals of tantra in the very first attempt.
She grants the power to see past, present and future.
4. Maheshwari
Removes all sorts of problems, troubles, obstacles and short-comings from her worshiper's life.
5. Kaalratri
Blesses her worshiper with protection from untimely death and from your enemy's
tantrik rituals intended to harm you.
6. Hunkari
Her worshiper can defeat an entire army alone.
7. Bhuvaneshwari
Whatever her worshiper say, no matter how impossible, become reality.
8. Vishwaroopa
Blesses her worshiper with knowledge, a lot of wealth and the ability to see buried things.
9. Kamakshi
Blesses her worshiper with energy of youth, manhood/womanhood and extreme strength.
10. Hastini
Her worshiper can hipnotize and control humans and animals alike.
11. Mantrayogini
Blesses her worshiper with the knowledge of mantras and the power to become invisible at will.
12. Chakrini
Blesses her worshiper with happiness and many herbal secrets.
13. Shubhra
Activates her worshiper's kundalini.
14. Shankhini
Destroys enemies of her worshiper.
15. Padmini
Blesses her worshiper with super-natural powers.
16. Vetaali
Blesses her worshiper with victory and success everywhere.

As ecologist, i had always been fond of roaming into forest. Most of the indian forest had been visited by me. While i was preparing research paper on rare birds, i used to stay near alaknanda river. Though i was having not much knowled about occult but i met many sages and saint with mysterious powers during my several trips.Previously i received many letters from one of my co-guide to visit a saints cave near the place i live. There lives a young sage who has collection of rare natural tantrik items. I was having a group of 7 people. We all planned to visit that place.

When we reached to that cave few people were afraid of meeting such mysterious person. Cave was beautiful and naturally made. But saint wasnt there. All of a sudden we seen a saint coming from one direction with beautiful smile. With our surprise, he welcomed us into cave like a material men! We straigly asked him our purpose of visit, to watch those rare tantrik things. He was happy with our thoughts. I was wondering as i seen him before somewhere but was anable to recollect. I asked his name but he sincerely declined (later i came to know that his name was 
Narayan dutt Shrimali when he left sanyash)
he made us all very comfortable by conversation.
Though with his grace i was fortunate to see all his collection. He allowed us to take photograph with my telescopic camera. He explained use of all materials he showed us in detail.

Shiyar shingi:
he asked if anyone of us have seen horn of Siyaar?
We said till the time anyone of us have not.
He explained, in thousands of Siyaar one may have a thorn or horn on head about to 4-5 c.m. which is called as shiyar singi. It has hair on it every side about 5 c.m.
To check its authenticity one should place it in sindoor, by remaining in contact with sindoor the hair of those starts growing, the fake singi will remain with same length of hairs but origional singi's hair will grow. According to tantrik scriptures the hairs of singi must not be cut or else the power will be lost.
Many tantrik tear their skin and place this singi inside their legs and cover the skin again.
This item is great for protection from wild animals, evil spirits and dangerous forth comings. There are several prayogs exist to fullfil wishes, to get money, all shat karma through shiyar singi.

He stopped for a moment and took out siyar singi from small red beg, which he did optained from aghori named
 baba trijata.

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