03 January, 2011

Vajroli kriya and sahastrar bhedan


Vajroli, into vam marg is one of the most important excercise for the activation of whole kundlini chakras. The special process is ver secret into the vam marg and had remained unknown to the general people. well, this is one of the way into kundalini jagran but not only one, since this process is too followed by many many vam margi sages.

the sadhak who is persuing into this process first does the excercise of weight lifting through penis. till the sadhak became capable of lifting atleast 10 KG weight through the penis, the excercise continues.

the next face of the sadhana is again difficult, here the sadhak is applied for frequent urination, rather throught herbal medicine or throught more and more water consumption. when the urination starts, the sadhak hold his linga tightly and stop urine to come out. then he leaves it to flow the water. this excercise it being continued for atleast 6 months.

now, sadhak does the deh suddhi through neti, dhyoti , basti, nauli and pranayam. after deh suddhi sadhak moves to another step.

he is applied for the practice of snaching the things throught linga. first thing is Air. he take air from linga and leaves it after holding it for atleast 10 minutes. when this step is crossed, sadhak does the same practice with water then with milk, then with honey.

finelly, when he is able to does it with honey, he s given a 8 samskarised mercury to practice with. he then practice it till 100gm of mercury is being subjected.

when the sadhak become capable of this thing, the most important step is being carried out.

now, one kakini is taken to the sadhana place with permission of their guru. the sadhak is then take the 100gm paarad with linga to the body and carries the "Yoni Pujanam", described specific mantra by guru. then the poojan of shiva and shakti is done. after poojan, the sadhak is required to do "Meithuna"with the kakini(with using of such great and hidden mantra jap). this whole process is being carried out infront of guru him self. when the meithuna is going on, the sadhak then snach the rajas of the female from antah yoni peetham.

thus, here the shiva and shakti meets. as we all know paarad is shiva shatva and rajas of stree is shakti shatva. so when they both meets it creates a blend of the super energy into the body. this is the most difficult time for the sadhak.

when he does this, he suddenly looses concious and becomes faint. the guru is now throught his powers and knowledge of experience, diverts this generated power of the sadhak's body to the Kundalini.

here after generally 1 week, this process is repeated again. total 3 time this process is being carried out. and after the all three stages, i mean when this process is done for 3 times, the kundalini of sadhak reaches to the sahastrar chakra and becomes siddh. he gets power of flying into sky, invisiblity, parkaya pravesh etc directly.
one knows about it so not going deep into it.

here the question arise is that the whole process is based and formed for male. but what in case of females ?....

well, component gurus and siddha people lives in to some very differnt word of imagination. when it comes to the female, they uses Vyakshi tantra, throught which they convert female body to male body for the specific time of the sadhana. when they are throught with the sadhana, their body is again changed to feminine body.

This whole process is called vajroli kriya.

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