10 January, 2011


Rati Priya Sadhana - Regain Lost Youth

Everyone nurtures a desire to look every young and appealing. One tries one's best to keep looking youthful and juvenile but after savouring the pleasures of childhood and undergoing the enchantments of youth, one breaks up a little on reaching the wrong side of forty.

Old age is bitter side of life and every person is bound to undergo this phase regardless of his whims and fancies. Gradual decline in vital power weariness are the first signs which announce its arrival.

As the years go by the vital power is diminished and the body starts progressing towards old age. However it is some-times noticed that such a situation presents itself in the youths and they start looking much older than their actual age. They get depressed and bury themselves in their own thoughts; away from social gatherings.

People adopt a lot of techniques to control ageing. They attend yoga classes, perform rigorous exercises and run after various cosmetics publicised through magazines and the "idiot box". Instead of getting any relief they acquire new problems (marks on the face etc.); and in the end sit back fatigued clasped in the tight grasp of age.

First it is very necessary to understand the meaning of 'Youth'. It is the period when a bud bursts into a full-blossomed flower. The ability to enchant everyone through one's charisma and grace; and the vigour to spread one's refreshing fragrance amongst all is the real meaning of 'Youth'. It does not singularly allude to one's age; on the contrary it is an inner feeling of strength, joy and vigour.

According to Tantra Scriptures, Upanishads and Purana's, the female form is considered as the power of 'Rati' whereas the male form is looked upon as the power of 'Kaamdev'. It is but natural, that every man and women does not posses magnetism and attractiveness from birth. But the question is, can one become as alluring as Kaamdev and Rati (the god and goddess of love) by performing the 'Kaamdev-Rati Sadhana? The answer is affirmative because Sadhana is nothing but a process of achieving the impossible through one's determination and divine help.

This Sadhana can be performed when you feel unhappy, weak or ill when you look more than your actual age; when you feel unable to attract people; when life seems charmless and dull; when tranquillity and happiness of your life seem fading away.

The Sadhak must take a bath around Nine pm on any Friday; wear desired clothes, and make the atmosphere pleasent by lighting incense. Then one must make the sign of swastika on a wooden plank with rose petals and place a Mantra-energised Rati Priya Yantra on it. One must rub some Itra(natural perfume) one one's hand, and pick up the Rati Priya Mala and place it so that it encircles the Yantra. The Sadhak must pray to Kaamdev and Rati with folded hands and speak out his or her wish. Then one must chant 21 rounds of this Mantra and repeat this routine for seven consecutive days. The Sadhak must take care to change the rose petals daily. After accomplishment of this Sadhana, the Sadhak shall be astonished to see the gradual changes in his or her body and personality.
Om Ayeim Hreem Rati Priyaayei Purnaa Soundaryam Dehi Dehi Phat
॥ ॐ ऐं ह्रीं रति प्रियायै पूर्ण सौन्दर्य देहि देहि फट ॥

After the Sadhana the Sadhak must throw the Yantra and Mala (rosary) in a river or pond, or offer them in a temple. If done properly with devotion this a sure way to acquire a magnetic personality and unparalleled beauty.

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