10 January, 2011

Dhoomavati Sadhana - Overcome all opposition

Anyone who tries to hinder your progress in life is an enemy. 

Much of one's energy and time is wasted in dealing with such adversaries. 

But there is a powerful Goddess whose divine grace can help one neutralise all opposition in without doing much!

The ancient text state that enemies can manifest in at least nine ways in one's life and make life truly difficult. Which are these nine foes?

  1. Those about whom one is sure that he or she is an avowed enemy.
  2. The hidden enemies about whom one is blissfully oblivious.
  3. Those who show that they are friends but might strike any time when one least expects them to. This could be a friend or even one's business or colleague.
  4. Debts too are counted as enemies as they stall one's progress and cast a shadow over one's progress and cast shadow over one's future.
  5. Poverty is the worst of all enemies because it prevents one from giving shape to one's plans. One might be intelligent, talented and skillful but it all might sum to nothing in absence of adequate resources.
  6. Disease is another foe that terribly affects the course of one's life. It not just makes one weak but also robs one of all enthusiasm.
  7. An uncooperative and un-understanding life partner is the worst bane of life. The unfavourable behaviour of one's life partner can just leave one struggling to survive in the society and family.
  8. Disobedient children too can make life virtual hell especially when they choose to take to the wrong path in life.
  9. Misfortune or unlucky stars are the worst enemies and can deny one all that one deserves in life.
The presence of even one of the above can make your life stink and stagnate. The ancient texts while enumerating these enemies have also suggested powerful means to remedy them. Can this truly be done?

When we talk of overcoming all opposition we do not mean destroying anyone. The aim rather is to instill a divine power, a strength, a determination, a force into your persona so that you could face all challenges without flinching. The aim is to make your enemies tremble with fear when they think of you, make your partners shirk from trying any dishonest ways and your family members to respect you and listen to your words of guidance.

There are several Sadhana's for overcoming enemies in life but the most potent is the Sadhana of Goddess Dhumavati. Because the powerful deity not just takes care of enemies in human form but also the threat of disease, poverty, debts, loss of job and ill fate.

This is truly amazing Sadhana which should be tried on any Thursday of the dark fortnight. In the night after 10pm have a bath a wear clean red clothes. Make a mark with vermilion on the forehead. Sit on a red mat facing South. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. Bath the Dhoomavati Yantra with water and wipe it dry. Make a mark on it with vermilion and rice grains, flowers on the picture of the Guru and chant one round of Guru Mantra.

Then take water in the right palm and speak out thus - I (speak your name) am trying this Sadhana for riddance from all enemies.

If you have a particular problem speak it out. Then let the water flow to the floor. The chant eleven rounds of following Mantra withred crystal rosary.

Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomavati Thah Thah

After the Sadhana chant one more round of Guru Mantra and pray to the Guru to bless you. After Sadhana drop the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond.

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